Jinan Jing Heng Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and diversified group of companies, founded in October 1997. The leading industries of the company are the R & D and production of Schottky diodes, bidirectional trigger diodes( DIAC), fast recovery rectifier diodes, LEDs, lead frames and  switching power supplies etc. In the DIAC and Schottky chips     production and  package area, it has many independent  intellectual property rights and core technologies.

    Jinan Jing Heng Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd. has a staff of 1200 people, including 400 engineers and technicians, 40 with senior professional titles and 100 people with intermediate professional titles. Their extensive experience in the semiconductor product development is the solid foundation for Jing Heng sustainable development.

    Jing Heng Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd. has the independent import and export rights, which is a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province and the major semiconductor chips and finished products manufacturers in China, with annual output of 400,000 wafers of  Schottky diode, 500 000 wafers of bidirectional trigger diode , 5 billion discrete semiconductor devices, 4 billion of lead frame and  60,000 units of switching power supply .

    Currently, Jinan Jing Heng Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd has established long-term collaborative relationships with many semiconductor vendors and customers of the world. Its products are sold to Europe, America, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions with a good corporate image and product reputation in these areas. The market share of its Schottky diodes in mainland China accounts for more than 40% and the DB series of bidirectional trigger diodes accounts for 60% in the world market share. The main customers now are GE,Philips. Osram, Matsushita (Panasonic), Delta etc.

    Jinan Jing Heng Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd. will continue adhere to the philosophy of "science and technology as the root, people-oriented; quality first, the community as the most important".It will catch the opportunity and share success and common development with partners.